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When you need to activate your trap card
Me:ur mom gay lol
Victim:no u lol
Victim:oh god no...
Me:ur species feces
World:gets consumed by a black hole

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a fucking cunt
he is a nadia
by xd Joffrey September 30, 2018

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Luisafernanda’s are very shy people . They get very nervous when it comes to grades. For instance an A- can lead them to panic and or have an anxiety attack. Many Luisafernanda’s care about their friends and family also they can be very crazy. They are very good friends. All though Luisafernanda’s can be crazy sometimes but when it come to grades a C- or higher they get in a bad mood. Luisafernanda’s grade means the world to them. Yes the world. Luisafernanda’s well not most of the Luisafernanda’s like to sing a lot. Yes a lot they like to sing church songs and many other songs. The reason why is because they feel blessed when they sing church songs or they feel like god is with them.
Luisafernanda’“omg I’m so nervous’’

Person “why”
Luisafernanda ‘ I have an B’
Person “ are u serious”
by Alssya trujilla May 16, 2018

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Long live Llamas
via giphy
by Mrs. Stealurman June 12, 2017

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