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The fact and theory that the Ancient Egyptians were black. It has been proven countless times by scientific investigation teams, however white professors are always trying to disprove the theory, so as not to give any credit to the Negroid race for building a civilisation as great as Ancient Egypt.

Nowadays, the closest people to the Ancient Egyptians are the Coptic Christians of Egypt, and most likely a few Africans around the continent due to migration. The Coptic Christians do not look as Negroid anymore due to Arabisation (the invasion and small intermixture of the muslims), however the Negroid DNA type is still the most dominant DNA in their bodies. They also have skin that can tan exceptionally dark, and physical features similar to what you would find in a cultural view of a Negroid. It is worth noting that some true Egyptians are actually considered black.

Wikipedia and literally any website on the internet run by white people display wrong information about this subject just to protect white supremacy. Everything is a lie. There is a law called the Hamitic Serie, it states that any Egyptians entering into any white country would be considered white, not black or African, on their passport, to give themselves the credit for Ancient Egypt and its advances. This law was kept secret, and it is very hard to find anything about it on the internet but if you dig deep enough, you will find it.

white people smh
Black Person 1: Hey, you heard of the Black Egyptian Hypothesis?

Black Person 2: Yeah, they proved it so many times but the butthurt whites dont wanna give us any credit.
by NoongaDog47 May 01, 2018

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by Antonio.nomiddlename. March 03, 2017

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adjective; a word to describe an straight white asshole who listens to rap music goes to starbucks and six flags like 394823093849 times a week or some shit
they're also commonly seen posting dumbass selfies on snapchat or whatever idek
wow jessie's such an american, have you even seen her snapchat story
by whatisheterosexuality April 27, 2017

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When you take time off work to be with your new puppy
"OMG! Did you hear about Jessi? She took three weeks Furternity Leave to be with her new small batch, artisan made, non-GMO, free range, gluten free Yorkiepoo!"
by kwillhoite July 13, 2016

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People of European descent that claim to have civilised the world and brought about modern technology. Their IQ is second only to Asians. Their crime rate would be the lowest but Asians have the lowest crime rate. Everywhere else in the world is believed to be very poor and undesirable. People from all over the world are perceived to be fighting tooth and nail to get into the united states so they can get a job working for the stereotypically rich white man. White women are believed to be the most beautiful. White people believe all foreigners hate them.
I hate white people but I want to live in their neighborhood. I hate white people but I've never met a white person in my entire life. Thanks for the planes cars and air conditioning white people.
by fastlane46 February 01, 2018

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A very white name for VERY white people
That man so white he must be named cooper
by dikembeTheBeast December 13, 2016

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One of the more common races in the world, especially in Europe and North America. White people are often the center of jokes, just as all races are, but more commonly they are thought of as rapists, pillagers, and the creators of stereotypes. This simply isn't true. All races fall under this "definition." In fact, the thought that whites think of everyone else inferior is a stereotype in and of itself.

All races pillage. All races rape. All races make fun of other races. Just look at the other definitions for White Person on this site. Little to none are good, and the majority tell of a devilish race that take advantage and destroy other races, when this is something that all races and ethnicities do. The fact that the whites are being solely blamed for it is stupid. It's a group effort.

And besides, it isn't even the races themselves, it's the people. Humanity is making the decisions. You are making the decisions. If one white person kills one black person, does that mean that all white people are black-killers. Same for Hispanic and Asian. Etc, etc. It isn't white people, it's all people.
Person 1: Hey look over there! That person is white. Stay away.
Person 2: He's just a white man. White people are one of the most common races in Europe and North America. He won't do anything bad just because he is white.
by Cornelius Brothworth July 12, 2017

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