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That's the very crucial and embarassing part of the night when a guys dream could possibly be coming true but he didn't think he stood a chance so all night he drowned his sorrows on how he will never get with this girl only to have his dream come true but the amount of alcohol coursing thru his system is routing his blood every else other than where it is needed most...
Male A: "Yo bro, you hit that last night haha"
Male B: "Dude so I get back and she's all like let's fuck."
Male A: "Bullshit"
Male B: "Fuckin swear bro"
Male A: "So did you get laid or what?"
Male B: "Man you seen all them damn shots we took, I got fucking whiskey dick"
Male A,C,D,E,F: "Hahaha you homo she was so fine"
by The Only Matty D June 23, 2016

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The flaccid condition of ones dick after far to much delicious whiskey. Also known as Whiskey Dick.
Eric: Dude, did you take Tara home from the Molle Frijole last night?!?
Ferg: Fuck Yeah, Snake! I was all set to plow when the ole Wobbly Goblin made an appearance. I Ended up pushin rope for an hour before she passed out... Then another half hour after that..
by The turd abibes October 25, 2016

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When you're working with three-quarters chub.
I drank too much tonight and had to give her the slackpole
by Taintress July 09, 2017

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