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a glass where through you can see the current weather, often referred to as "window".
the forecast is not very broad.
my weather app is broken, do I need an umbrella?
just check out the weatherglass.
by salzamt May 14, 2017

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Cute wind
Namjoon: hey what's the weather like today?
Taehyung: It's winfy hyung!
Namjoon: What?
Taehyung: There is a cute breeze
by whalien-52_ October 19, 2018

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When the wind is blowing too hard and your umbrella flips backwards
Well, there goes your backwards umbrella
by Dangitbobboe April 22, 2019

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Paisley is a girl who will always ask how the weather is even if you are both inside.
Paisley: "Hows the weather?"
by Dohdbdkkd April 10, 2019

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When the dew point is so ridiculously high, you refuse to do anything outside
Person 1: What's the dew point?
Person 2: 75 degrees.
Person 1: That's not a dew point, it's a don't point!
by nerdman01 July 01, 2018

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