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A poor African child with no phone or water
Eeeeee look at him fucking taufiq
by ITZ KIDDO May 31, 2018

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Water that is not from a sink and if u drink it on a daily basis it can make you sick. Something ellie is obsessed with
Oh look ellie is pouring a glass of distilled water
by Lilly ro0 June 19, 2017

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How Americans pronounce water.
I need a glass of wadder.
by Dr.Perfect. July 12, 2018

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the feeling you get when you witness the mother consuming her dumpling child
your godmother walked into sodaliscious to get her fix but instead she got 2 helpings of wciwo
by wciwo and parem June 17, 2018

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I could sure go for some tasteless soup rn
by WooFoo May 27, 2018

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"wtrprf" means "waterproof"
Did you see that wtrprf phone case?
by Cheesy Computer Man August 21, 2017

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