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Used in videogames as a person that has not donated to the game, therefore being a "non" which is short for "non-donator".

This is often also used negative because they often are new to the game, and have a tendency to act like a noob.
"You wanna party up with that person?"
"But he is a non!"
"Oh, nevermind then."
by gamingpiggy June 30, 2017

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The expose god.

One who usually plays video games and beats the other players.
Oh shit I just got exposed by the T.E.G
by Yesnow234 August 10, 2018

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A Krimlux, A pro at video games that cannot be stopped, however needs luck to do so.
That man is a Krimlux!
by Krimlux June 06, 2018

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In a video game where someone misses a target right in front of them multiple times.
Person 1: Seriously dude! You just missed that enemy when it was right in front of you, that's called pulling a Daniel you know.
by UnjustRainbow June 26, 2017

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The effect of winning one game until someone that gives bad lucks makes you go on a losing spree.
Guy 1: Why you losing all your games?
Guy 2: My boy gave me the Mathew effect.
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by ArcticHunt3r April 13, 2017

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Stress disorder created by virtual experience of traumatic events that is often triggered by intense exposure to similar virtual encounters (SVEs)
“Dude I can’t play ANYTHING in the entire Call or Duty franchise now — Modern Warfare II broke my brain and now I get VTSD by just thinking about it.”
by Nicooohooo March 31, 2019

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BM is a popular term amoung gamers which stands for bad manners.

It's used to describe actions like Tea baging, emoting before/after killing.
The term is most often used for killing someone in the "down but not out" or "DBNO" position in battle royale games e.g fortnite, pubg or apex legands but is still used in other games with "DBNO" mechanics e.g rainbow six siege or call of duty
Quick! BM him before you die so he can't be revived!
by Epicfortniter21 February 07, 2019

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