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Baby Boss for Babies. A boss in a video game that's so pathetically easy that even a baby could beat it.
"Yeah man, Warmaster is such a BBFB."
by Chill_Guy April 30, 2019

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The highest tier of computer game design.

A game that combines high challenge, high replayability, satisfying feel, clever and innovative mechanics, combined seamlessly with great music, art direction, and gameplay-based storytelling, creating a transcendental experience that can only be enjoyed by those of the most highly refined taste in computer games is said to be ludo.
Casulfag: dude, the new God of War is so awesome .
Computer game connoisseur: do not speak to me filthy plebeian, true patricians play pure ludo like The Void.
by /v/anon February 18, 2019

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When playing a video game and using cheap/easy “combos” to win
Michael was “gimping”all day in Mortal Kombat 11, spamming skorpions “get over here” all day long
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by Bignick2930 April 26, 2019

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Minecraft is a pixel game created by Notch. Minecraft was pretty famous at 2009 to 2014 but it’s started losing his fame when’s it was bought by Mojang and later by Microsoft. The game lost most of his players but new ones are added every year so the game is still holding up pretty good. Notch the creator of Minecraft is marking a new game called Minecraft 2 and it will be just like the first Minecraft with better graphics, we are all waiting for the release that probably will become a comeback for notch and the Minecraft community.
Me: Hey I can comeover this weekend what do u whana play?
My Friend: Minecraft
by SofosGerontas July 18, 2018

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In a video game where someone misses a target right in front of them multiple times.
Person 1: Seriously dude! You just missed that enemy when it was right in front of you, that's called pulling a Daniel you know.
by UnjustRainbow June 26, 2017

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A Krimlux, A pro at video games that cannot be stopped, however needs luck to do so.
That man is a Krimlux!
by Krimlux June 06, 2018

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BM is a popular term amoung gamers which stands for bad manners.

It's used to describe actions like Tea baging, emoting before/after killing.
The term is most often used for killing someone in the "down but not out" or "DBNO" position in battle royale games e.g fortnite, pubg or apex legands but is still used in other games with "DBNO" mechanics e.g rainbow six siege or call of duty
Quick! BM him before you die so he can't be revived!
by Epicfortniter21 February 07, 2019

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