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A place where impotent rage about a democratically elected president is deposited via snarky self-indulgent slang, typically invented by complete idiots.
Urban Dictionary has been the peak Trumping Grounds since 2016.
by IQuarent August 09, 2017

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Someone who is sexually attracted to Urban Dictionary
"Mom, dad, I am urban Dictionaryual."
by WOrthLesspOtato November 20, 2016

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1. The cause of salty users wanting to shit on their friends by using their names and writing a negative description like this:

bob is thot ass needs to die and no one likes him bob is gay
By: Steve1"

We all know that the publisher of the article, Steve, is just some guy who has an IRL enemy called Bob, and he's hoping to get his payback in a really weird, pathetic way. Giving Steve ground isn't helping anyone else out.

2. An outlet for egotistical people obsessing over themselves with a positive description, like this:

bernard is the nicest most amazing and godly person you will ever meet!!! hes amazingt at everything1!
By: Bernard9"

As if people using this site for nothing but bashing people they don't like wasn't bad enough, giving platforms to people who just want to kiss their own ass all the time is possibly worse, because by voting for those definitions, you're basically telling them they're right, that they really are "above" everyone else.

These are ruining the site. Even if most of them never get approved, having to filter through a bunch of them before finding a legitimate article can be really annoying. And they're not even the kind of thing people will keep saying; no one will, after reading that article, start saying "That guy's such a Bob, ugh." They may have been a little funny at first, but when they start to eat up the entire website, the humor starts to diminish. And this trend has LONG since outlived its appeal.
Alright, let's review some articles. Let's see, what have we got...
Definitions for names, some more definitions for names, a pun, more names, more names, more names, "My dick," with the article describing it as extremely large names, names, names, names, a youtuber no one knows, probably written by himself, names names, oh look at this, a treasure trove of weird kinky fantasies that no one wants to know about, names, names, names, names... Oh there! Finally a real slang word, internet meme or cultural element!

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The name Chrishonna means she's smart and talented and she has lots of friends and has a big feauture they can also have a future husband and they love to got to school and learn they are like people who like going to work and working. They like having fun and go places with their friends they sometimes make weird facial expressions at people that they don't like.
by Chrishonna May 26, 2018

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This is short for urban dictionary.
Hey Nick, look up fruisé on urb dick.
by vindango February 04, 2017

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When you misspell "Urban"
(Someone texting) Hey, have you checked out the urbqn dictionary?
by Ggvaldo June 05, 2018

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Kennady is crazy fine and hotel as I don't know what she is Avery nice person she go her mind sit on two boys but she and love with any one of them she also a very happy person that's love every one
Kennady is the baddest female...
by Kennady12 June 06, 2018

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