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An infamous phrase used by your average Tumblr SJW/Feminazi to indicate a person's massive sensitivity and inability to accept reality, which is used as a pathological persuasion method and the additional 'Appeal to emotion' fallacy. It attempts to shame the audience to the point of opposing anything that person is offended by.
Tumblr poster : "This one time, I went to a restaurant, and I was feeling more gender fluid that day so I dressed up in my favorite scarlet dress and went out to eat by myself. As I'm near the entrance, I see a visibly Caucasian (blonde hair, blue eyes, and approximately 6'2) man wearing a MAGA hat approach me and, I shit you not, yell "Fucking f*ggot!" and he punches me in the face. The other males in the restaurant, all visibly Caucasian (blonde hair and blue eyes), cis older males clapped. I just wanted to go out in the real world and have a good time and be myself and this is what I get. I was about to call the police but I'm just so fucking terrified right now. I'm at home right now thinking about ending it all and I'm literally shaking right now"
by SalazarKekistani July 25, 2017

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people on tumblr that like to argue with everyone; love to state their opinion whether you asked or not; probably will fight you over any stupid reason, but wont confront you in person; all the write sounds like blah blah blah
Jenn: Did you see Karen's tumblr post?
Lilly: Yeah, what a boring argument. She's such a tumblahr
by mennifer_jollica June 27, 2016

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One of the best blogs on tumblr, pretty sure they're a god. They also seem immortal??
Oh man I only have coffee, not-to-be-a-brit-but-tea will not be happy...
by Fluffibon December 10, 2018

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Shit that ruins everything.
(Guy 1): Hey, you heard about game? I heard it was awesome!
(Guy 2): Rest in piss that game.
(Guy 1): Why?
(Guy 2): One word: Tumblr.
by Antivirus1 October 30, 2017

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To overreact and delete all NSFW content.
My mum was coming to visit, so I had to go all tumblr on my browser history.
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by underbear December 20, 2018

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Your generic teenager/young adult on the Internet. Calls themselves "trash", identifies by fake genders and sexualities and usually likes "aesthetic" things. They use Tumblr (obviously) and are most likely a furry. Everything they ship in their fandoms is gay and MUST be gay.

It's difficult to communicate with them because they talk like a goddamn six year old.
It's easy to spot a tumblrcucc. Their profiles all look the same.
leah // they/them // homoromantic pansexual // kin
i lov drawing,,,, please do not follow if you don't support lgbtq+,,,,,,, my triggers consist of violence and loud noises,,,,, i'm also a feminist,,,,,
by jesus christ stop April 09, 2017

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Weird dude who is on youtube looking at Tumblr and commentates awfully funny.
Bro: P.M. Seymour is not good
Me: Yeah but atleast we are not like him
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by SilverLukather November 03, 2018

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