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The day Donald Trump aka president sunburn was born
''The devil was born on June 14, 1946"
by UGLYGOD_1 April 27, 2017

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A republican politician that tries to out Trump the Trump in insanity but just comes out a Trump wannabe
All the other republican nominees are turning into trumplets
by KiGavin October 11, 2016

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People who go ape regarding Trump.
The Notrumpanzees were making a racket at the news regarding Trump!
by I, Wreckerrr November 09, 2016

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The 0200 passing of a tax bill on Friday night to divert the attention of Russian collusion and the guilty confession of Michael Flinn.
FRIsmas was awesome this year thankfully, because next year I will be impeached.
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by TheKingOfProcessedMeats December 02, 2017

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Trump is.
Trump-Make America great again
Me: Yea right, you'll ruin it, because you know who's stupid?
Trump: Who?
Me: You.
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by Ooferz10damn April 06, 2017

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A trumpster is a dumpster.
Guy 1: "Hey it's trump! Hey Mr. President"

*Slaps Guy 1*

Guy 2: "You Retard, everyone knows his name is Trumpster The Dumpster"
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by Tom Knows Best December 20, 2017

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The end of the work or Donald trump.
Welp I guess ragnerock
by Kittennomnom2424 November 14, 2016

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