#true love

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She's the cutest and most honest person you have ever met. Once you see her for the first time you will fall in love with her not just cause of how she looks but of her personality too. She never will forget you.
Joelliane says "I love you forever and ever".
by Love is everything May 09, 2018

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People who a person has had sex with or kissed.
In Skylar’s past love life, She and Kai kissed.
by Niigata Smith October 27, 2018

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A girl who stole my heart from the first time I laid eyes on her. No one is comparable to Ramy because she is a very unique person. She is unique because she has a rough past, rougher than most, and her past has made her into the strongest, most beautiful woman any man has ever laid eyes on. One few have been lucky enough to encounter her, but Jordan is truly blessed to have her in his life. Without Ramy, jordan would lose his whole world, his whole life, and his heart. Jordan loves Ramy, Jordan is in love with Ramy.
Ramy is the most beautiful woman on this earth.
by Jaforsakenit September 13, 2017

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True Love is an act of faith and unconditional positive regard.
True Love is CDP and ENP..Always & Forever
by ErinNP February 05, 2017

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