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Means peasant or failure
God that guy’s such a Tom
by LUKERT6 THE GOD October 25, 2018

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a man thot that is a huge cunt
tom is a man thot
by yeetus mcreetus June 11, 2018

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They be nasty to some
There is a certain tom that hates Them

it’s safe to say he don’t like Twinkie’s
by Aghhhhhn May 06, 2019

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If you're called an "instaskills," this can mean one of two things:

1. Someone who looks like KND #2 and thinks he can rap. These users tend to act all self righteous but fails on simple IQ exams. They tend to live in their basements and waste hours away of their life in games, like Roblox or Club Penguin. Don't not come into contact with these

2. A person who is good. Professional gamer that'll make players like Stewie2k, Ninja, Summit1G, and m_jor look like chumps. They are African American, roots for the Patriots, thinks Soccer is a bad sport, and have around a 2.9-3.3gpa in grade schooling. These are your preps too, so don't forget that. Come into contact with care.

Sadly, while being called an instaskills, it's more likely the ladder.
instaskills says he isn't a simp, but we all know the truth...
by kidxd April 24, 2019

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