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that quiet kid that always gets left behind especially in dangerous situations
by Jake The Doggo October 26, 2016

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A vietnamese who thinks he's so hot when he's not. Thinks he can get hoes when he can't. Do not trust a Timmy Nguyen, he's a liar who'll break your heart. He would say I promise but he'll just break it. A very smart person but also a very stupid one.
"That girls boyfriend is like a Timmy Nguyen, she just don't know it yet," "Damn he's so stupid like a Timmy Nguyen"
by Yourworsteenighmare December 29, 2016

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When a person is to dumb too even have the privilege of being called a retard, is referred to this term.
Timmy. Stop acting like a ritard.
by JacoboDogg September 14, 2018

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When you hear these name you get an orgasm your dick grows five inches and you cant help yourself you must beat your meat HARD
my dick is Harvey Kinsey
by Timmy_hk December 19, 2017

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