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A long game of tag that doesn’t end.
Yo Max is still it in TIGGIDY TAG.
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by GirthyMen368 June 21, 2018

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A Blaine and a Maritza have each others back 24'7 no matter wat the are the perfect match they both are kinda short they both are sexya Maritza is a person that loves to get in love with u and want ever part of your body to her self a Blaine is a very protective guy that will stop at nothing till he get wat he want he love and cares for a Maritza they are perfect for each other
Fred: did you see that movie last night of that guy and girl

Gred:yeah it was like a Blaine and Maritza
by Jeffready May 17, 2018

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Comment For (a) Tag
If you liked this post, CFT
by Polarpickle2 July 09, 2017

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a bitch lasagna
t-series aint notin but a bitch lasagna
by sub2poods February 05, 2019

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Example or how it's used in a sentence.
by IEatMyOwnAss6969 January 16, 2019

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The word you typed in because you couldn't think of anything else.
That's a word right there
by Aidan5371 November 12, 2018

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definition of the word
sentence with said word in it
by superandrews May 02, 2018

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