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A cool sexy last name with Angelo Saxon origins.
Dang! she's so sexy! I bet she's a Walton
by Aide tads February 27, 2017

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A stypulkowska are very cute and kind people, they are usually Polish and very loving and caring.
Bob: Did you see that girl? She must be a stypulkowska.
Billy: She could've been a Rowland though, you never know.
by anonymous6969420 June 30, 2018

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Ducommun was a name created when a group French people fleeing from their problems moved to Switzerland. In order to protect themselves they dropped their surname and called themselves DuCommun (Of the Common). Today people with the surname Ducommun probably have a completely different surname, but they'll never know it...
Did you see Kenny Ducommun yesterday?

No. Why?

He still has my tool box. I NEED MY TOOL BOX!!!
by RavusRaven May 14, 2018

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A Ganglbauer is a smart and bonny person. Futhermore loveable, sweet tempered and majestically obviously a contrary to the name. If a Ganglbauer is around you are going to realize a glimmer of high spirits. So be warned and keep your eyes open because Ganglbauer are adventurer, explorer, warrior and family person together. Actually a born model for everybody.
by Topnewsfromtheworld November 07, 2016

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