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When you'd rather not do an activity, but the whole squad will be there and and you don't want to miss out.
Man, I really want to stay home and watch TV today, but I have squadbligations.
by MichaelFungus June 07, 2018

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A squad is what assholes refer to as their group of friends. Not to be confused with squad goals, which is what white people say when they think they have friends, but no one with any friends has ever said that.
"Yo, me and my squad gonna do some shit tonight."
"My squad got: Barry B Benson, Bye man, Nagasuckysuckyfivedorrar, BofA. D. Da bi bye man, whomst real name is Bye man but we already got a bye man so this one is called the bi bye man cuz he is also bi, T. apedat flex, da Buyby Mann with two n's because the bye bye man with one N is the bi bye man, Jankeyer Juses, and Dabyebyeman. Jr. Whos real name is Dabyebyeman but since we already got a bi bye man we had his dad change his name to Dabyebyeman so Dabyebyeman Jr. would be different from da Bi bye man."

"Alright, bye bye, man."
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by not-a-cult-leader January 30, 2018

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When the squad that you are in at the moment starts to get boring, so you leave and join another squad.
Person 2: Hey... ummmm... What are you doing here?
Person 1: Well I got bored of who I was talking to, so I went squad jumping and came to your squad.
Person2: we don't want you here tho.
by Why him? March 29, 2017

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a exclamation used when meeting with a squad, or a gang.
Aye, what up? Squaaa!
by stilldimm May 22, 2018

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A Squad is A group of Squid
Hey I think I saw a Squad down in The Ocean.
by (∩ ͡ ° ʖ ͡ °) ⊃-(===> December 04, 2017

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The best fuckers in the land! They are great in bed, and they can kick ur ass in CSGO. Nigger killers through and through!
Oh shit here comes snake squad
by Hitlerdakilla May 22, 2017

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