#special snowflake syndrome

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Taken from the fact that the differences between snowflakes typically have no bearing on the situation at hand, a special snowflake is someone who thinks they're entitled to special treatment because of their feels rather than suffer any logical accountability. A clear indication of said feels and lack of accountability is when a special snowflake experiences the first of the 7 stages of grief over their diagnosis with Special Snowflake Syndrome. The wounded creature can then be seen angrily typing on social media to redefine the term itself in a sad attempt to fool the entire world but themselves. After ignoring snowflake facts, they will pretend that "special" only has one strawmanned context to end up in literally Hitler land, no doubt munching on Doritos as well.
Special Snowflake: 3+3 is 5. Disagree and you're Hitler *eats Dorito*
Bystander: 3+3 is 6
Special Snowflake: 6 million Jews!
Bystander: You are really devaluing the horrors of the Holocaust here.
Special Snowflake: *scuffs up Dorito* Hitler!
by Toilet896 December 11, 2017

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