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An interactive way of chatting with people. It is a safe and secure way that you can chat and Voice chat with people. This is very useful to people who have ROBLOX jobs. Personally, I give this app a 10/10.
Discord helped me securely chat with my friends from Vella Resort and Spa.
by Mistermovie September 16, 2018

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A person who bans "threats" which are innocent social media accounts by mass reporting them with a bot. Often getting them locked out, or suspended.
Have you heard about the reportfag, they probably have no life.
by VonNoobmarck November 05, 2017

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Intentionally provoking a fight on social media.
I was in a pissy mood so I spent the night floofing assholes on NextDoor.
by Bluemeringue July 30, 2018

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Let's take pictures on the chat of snap.
by Jezij August 09, 2018

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When a person spends too much time on their phone & don't interact with each other in social gatherings
At the party, Kevin noticed that everbody there had inphomnia. He was the only one not conjoined with his phone.
by Angiml May 06, 2018

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A user of Social Media that Posts long and rambling jokes.
Oh, That dude? He's An Alienshirtz.
by TheBoiledGrape July 05, 2017

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