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Usually, a white 35-40 year old women named Karen or Clare. The soccer mom will do anything for her kids, except give them freedom of course. She controls their friends, music, TV and games. Their little bitch kids (sorry, little angles) are always super Christian and are a mindless drone, like their father. The relationship between the mother and son only last 17 years, as the mom will come in and find her son nailing 2 girls. At this point, the mom is completely unsure as to how to react as they have only had sex twice. The relationship between the daughter and mother will last longer. It usually makes it another year before the mom walkes in and finds the daughter smoking crack or getting nailed by John who playes football. The soccer mom's life cycle is now over as her sole purpose has left her.
Man: *playing a song with the word "crap" in it"
Soccer mom: HOW DARE YOU PLAY SUCH VILE MUSIC- rants for 10 more minutes
Man: mkay who gives a fuck *turns up the music*
by A Salty Carrot May 05, 2019

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