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Aureya is a person (preferably a woman or girl) who is a bold and sexy person all around. She takes no crap but somehow manages to be silly and funny at the same time. Usually is a Taurus, Aureya would never stand by and let someone who she cares about be hurt mentally or physically
Wow, your dating Aureya? Dude your so lucky!
by Greg Honolika February 21, 2017

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bomb ass bitch
omG ur just like Kirin!!! i wish to be like Kirin i love her
by racercarzdx January 04, 2018

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typically “smexy” is used to say ‘oh so attractive’ but it is sarcastic.

so you say oh so ‘smexy’ when someone doesn’t look their best.
Brittney : “omg im so pretty” *sarcasm*

Shananae : “yeah so smexy” 😂
by smexybean July 31, 2018

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A smexy ass person willing to do anything for a girl, and is smart similar to dale.
Im a glendin
by Smexy2323 March 13, 2018

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