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A smelly boy who eats pp

you fucking bangal
you smelly bangal
here, bangal, here bangal eat my poo
by BatuButtzzzz September 21, 2017
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An annoying person who thinks he is cool but he smells like gutter making him so uncool.

How to identify them: He is a kind of person who can make you pass out(faint) by standing next to you for a few minutes.
Girl 1: Oh look, someone is coming this way.
Girl 2: No way, thats GATIKKKK. Run for your life if you do not want to feel like you are trapped in a gutter.
by Word Base August 19, 2016
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Some kid who likes movies and smells really bad he is most likely to become a attorney
That kid must be a ash vandergrift
via giphy
by Brruuhhhhh January 10, 2017
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