#sloppy seconds

Top Definition
Plural: Douchedicks
Verb: Douchedicking
Past Tense: Douchedicked

1. The act of using your penis to clean out the vagina of a woman

2. A contemptible or irritating person who favors named brand expensive items and often uses the word "bro" a lot. Typically they are a person who lacks a reasonable understanding of the means of other people and they often have an unjustifiably high belief in their abilities.
1. Tommy drew the short straw and got sloppy seconds. Now he was going to have to douchedick the girl to get rid of bob's semen.

Sarah had not washed her vagina in three months, meaning Billy was douchedicking her the whole time.

2. My boss likes to scream and yell at me, but every time he does he ends it with "bro". My boss is such a douchedick.

Edward and his friends complained about jobs paying under $50,000 a year for new college graduates. They railed against it, believing that no one could survive on such low pay. They also complained about single mothers milking their tax dollars, further diminishing their salary. Edward and his friends are douchedicks.
by Nutzen YerMouf June 07, 2017

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When the masseuse at the Asian massage parlor gets on a rides your stiff one eye for an extra Ben Franklin and her last appointment’s nut load starts to run down your knob.
I hope my massage this week just ends with a happy ending and not Tokyo Tapioca like last time.

After working my shoulders, I slipped her a quick Ben. Next thing I know she’s on top riding me cowgirl with the Tokyo Tapioca coating my cock n balls.
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by Eaton Holgoode October 31, 2018

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Someone who likes to fuck someones pussy or arse after someone else has cum inside them.
Someone who enjoys being sloppy seconds.
He really loved fucking a girl after someone had cum insider her.
He loved cum lube being sloppy seconds provided for his cock.
He was a proper cum fucker!
by Whoopah! August 01, 2018

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The act of removing a penis from one vagina and inserting into a second vagina without cleansing the penis.
Cole said Laura would come first, but Princess Laya would get the wet willy.
by B-Lee009 April 23, 2018

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