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A cute name white girls try to make but it's dumb as shit and every just wants to fuckih kill them
That naddlepaddle snapchat hoe needs to keep her nudes to herself
by Bisisncne January 29, 2017

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Natasha Thomas is a skank she’ll fuck anything
by HoolioShmoolio February 04, 2018

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A deceitful, two-faced, woman of low character who surrounds herelf with good family-men in the service of others in order to diguise herself as honorable while she selects married men from that group on which to satiate her reavenous ego. In an arrempt to compensate for her well desserved low self-esteem because she knows what kind of low-life trash she really is even if they don't. Hopefully this helps.
You see that skank in uniform she's a real Cindy of a disgrace.

She claims to have ethics but that Cindy will fuck your husband if given half a chance!
by Loving wife 2-1 that got away March 16, 2017

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