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THE reason to hide your kids from the internet
I saw "shrek is love, shrek is life," I understand most parents now.
by WastedTime2032 February 12, 2017

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The one and only superior religion where long ago a powerful being named shrek created the universe and about 4.3 billion years ago he created the earth but it was a giant swamp and the only life was plants and ogres and donkeys. eventually some of these ogres evolved to become what is now known as humans and the earth changed too causing swamps to be a lot less common then they used to. Some ogres stayed isolated and did not evolve. the last known ogres seen around 400 years ago but some theories suggest that they have a colony of ogres still thrive on slugs and eyeballs deep under swamps. This theory is highly supported since nobody has seen any evidence of ogre remains so they are likely hiding and waiting to return. Anybody who opposes this belief is a lord farquaad supporter and should be thrown in the lava that surrounds the dragons castle. There are many variations of shrekism but they all revolve around the belief that the all mighty shrek controls everything that exists. Some believe it is possible to summon shrek by tying a donkey to a tree in a swamp surrounded by onions and chanting “what are you doing in my swamp” over and over while playing All star by smash mouth from a CD player that was manufactured in 2001. Many people have tried this but nobody has succeeded in summoning shrek because the conditions have to be absolutely perfect and it is still very difficult.
It was very easy to convert my Christian friend into a shrekist because of how much more sense shrekism makes
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by Ur mom's shrek hentai April 21, 2019

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bae and daddy
girl 1- omg shrek is so hot
girl 2- i know
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by rainirodriguez June 13, 2019

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A canon OTP between shrek the ogrelord and Peaches (a sad little human being but she has shrek so who’s the real winner here)
Wow I totally ship shrekches
Shrekches is canon
by Shrek lover 200000 November 06, 2017

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A green over weighted man who lives in a swamp who hates humans and acts like a retard in front of everybody and has a pet Donkey who talks crap and talks nonsense to Shrek and his friends. He is also a giant fat man is a green suit.
1. "Hey look, its a Shrek."
2. "Why is this guy a Shrek?"
3. "Do you want to adopt a Shrek?"
by ReaperFL November 08, 2018

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A green ogre in the Shrek movie series that was once a meme.
Timmy: you like Shrek?
Me: hell naw, he's a dead meme.
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by afromyke December 03, 2018

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An insult used when one is feeling inferior, usually between a donkey and an ogre
"Smelly ogre"
"Stupid donkey"
by 15Guido July 23, 2018

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