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Its that swamp from Shrek but its swomp innit
via giphy
by Charlie ayy lmao April 10, 2017

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When Shrek kicks you from his Swamp.
"Yeah, John got a Shkwampy."
"Oh dear..."
by Serendipityz May 20, 2018

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A lover of all things shrek. They seem innocent but are actually snakes who snort crack constantly
Damn that girl is a whole ass mayliss
by Oooofff December 10, 2017

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THE reason to hide your kids from the internet
I saw "shrek is love, shrek is life," I understand most parents now.
by WastedTime2032 February 12, 2017

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A canon OTP between shrek the ogrelord and Peaches (a sad little human being but she has shrek so who’s the real winner here)
Wow I totally ship shrekches
Shrekches is canon
by Shrek lover 200000 November 06, 2017

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A giant green man child who strives to grab people by the swamp
Yo its trump! No that's not trump, it's shrek!
by Toyotaborn January 25, 2017

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An insult used when one is feeling inferior, usually between a donkey and an ogre
"Smelly ogre"
"Stupid donkey"
by 15Guido July 23, 2018

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