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An Alesandro is a good looking guy with nice hair, if an Alesandro likes you consider yourself lucky. An Alesandro is lit and cool and can make you laugh until you fall.
Girl: Why are you so happy?
Girl #2: Alesandro just asked me out!

Girl:No way,Lucky
by Blueberryflamimgo December 05, 2017

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Some Mexican that thinks white supremacy is the best
Alililla is ignorant and doesn’t have any common sense.
by XXXXXXXXXZ June 02, 2018

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He’s micheal don’t fuck with him he’ll beat your ass he’s really attractive tho he’ll get really mad but feed him he’ll feel better he likes memes and is a fucking dumb ass who likes Asians and eight year old boys
Oof what the fuck micheal that eight year old boy doesn’t want you
by weejuan February 05, 2018

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Molefe is a typical word or name you would call a sexy attractive guy
Girl says "Oh your such a Molefe"
by Unumkehrbar November 14, 2016

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