#sexual orientation

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Sexual Orientation in which the individual is attracted to anyone and anything as long as it is nice to them.
"Sam, would you rather bang Steven or Sally?"
"I would bang Sally because she is nice to me."
"Oh, I did not know that you were musken."
by boagmoats September 21, 2018

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When you like both genders but at separate times. Men some days women others.
“Hey man, i’m Seprasexual.”
“Dude that’s cool, i still love you.”
by SteveSmith19636969666 June 04, 2019

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Being sexually attracted to a business/company
Oh poppy that makes me so buisexual
by 123movies.jpg July 18, 2018

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Your sexual identity; sexual preference

Sexual orientations can be as simple as bisexual (attracted to both genders) or as complex as aego-demi-transquasi-pan-androgyno-graysexual. (Even I can't explain this one. I just now made it up.)
Normal person: What's your sexual orientation? I'm bisexual.
Tumblr User: I'm aego-gray-cupio-andro-apora-homosexual.
Normal Person: Oh, I was expecting some simple, like pansexual or asexual.
Tumblr User: *triggered*
by HPTrash November 16, 2017

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