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A person (usually a woman) who goes through your phone while you're asleep or in another room.
Dude my girl went through my phone looking for sexts again - she's such a phone rifler!
by Biggadybong August 22, 2017

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From the Latin word 'durus' meaning "rude or cruel," duritext is often a hateful or disrespectful message or comment in a text that's purpose is to hurt another individual emotionally.
He won't leave me alone. He's always sending me duritexts, and it's starting to hurt my feelings.
by YogurtTheCat August 08, 2016

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Setter is a hand written sexual letter written to someone to express your sexual desire for them. For example death row lovers/wives will write sexual letters to their men/woman to show their sexual attraction because they don't have the ability to make love to or regularly sext their lover.
"Baby this setter will make you wetter, imagine my hands around your throat"
by PRISONERLOVER January 31, 2017

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