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When your sexual partner is giving you a rim job, you have an orgasm and shit in there mouth.
She said she wanted to do something freaky, so I suggested the Connecticut mudslide
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by Big cope September 22, 2017

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You are doing your girl doggy style. You tap her on the shoulder so she turns around. At that time you knock her teeth out with a maraca and put them into a sombrero. Then you pull out and nut into the sombrero and top with salsa and have her eat it.
That hooker last night was nasty as hell- I gave her the old Mexican Salad to show her who is boss.
by jimmysjohnny January 19, 2018

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When you have sex with a police officer while wearing a mask.
Kyle: "How'd it go last night? I heard you got pulled over?"
Phil: "It went okay. I got a warning and then have her an anonymous tip."
Kyle: "Nice"
by adogc95 April 24, 2017

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Coat your cock with onion juice stick it in her ass.
I took her home last night and tried the dirty vidalia!
by Trmonahan May 28, 2018

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