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When your sexual partner is giving you a rim job, you have an orgasm and shit in there mouth.
She said she wanted to do something freaky, so I suggested the Connecticut mudslide
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by Big cope September 22, 2017

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You are doing your girl doggy style. You tap her on the shoulder so she turns around. At that time you knock her teeth out with a maraca and put them into a sombrero. Then you pull out and nut into the sombrero and top with salsa and have her eat it.
That hooker last night was nasty as hell- I gave her the old Mexican Salad to show her who is boss.
by jimmysjohnny January 19, 2018

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Coat your cock with onion juice stick it in her ass.
I took her home last night and tried the dirty vidalia!
by Trmonahan May 28, 2018

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When you have sex with a police officer while wearing a mask.
Kyle: "How'd it go last night? I heard you got pulled over?"
Phil: "It went okay. I got a warning and then have her an anonymous tip."
Kyle: "Nice"
by adogc95 April 24, 2017

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When 2 guys go in the woods and grab 2 sticks shit into each other’s hand and stick it on a stick then deep throat it until you vomit then you give the finished “popsicle” to the other man with him doing the same then you both eat each other’s creation
Yeah I saw the Kentucky popsicle on porn hub it was disgusting
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by DaAt WaAy November 25, 2018

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