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Selena Marie Gomez is a singer-songwriter, actress, producer, activist, and philanthropist. She was born July 22 in Grand Prairie, TX. Of all the the Ex acts (Miley, Ariana, Demi) She is the most successful and talented in a variety of fields. She is currently the Main pop girl and was named "The princess of pop" by billboard magazine. No other Ex act has reached her success, impact, critical acclaim and relevancy.
Person 1: Selena Gomez is a legend and a pop icon

Person 2: We been knew sis
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by SkinnnyLegend June 30, 2017

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Selena Gomez is a sexy bitch.....her body is absolutely amazing and her tight assets
I would fuck Selena Gomez’s right ass
by Selena Gomez tight April 05, 2019

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