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The act of speaking the Punjabi language where the use of unnecessary enunciation and articulation sounds like you are speaking in a posh English accent.
Terri pen dee you kootee, meh Downton Abbey Punjabi vich terri bestee keetee...
by KKKang June 02, 2017

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A very popular last name of Punjabi or Hindu of a Intelligent smart and funny and sometimes crazy of any sex
Here comes the gorgeous family of the kalkat
by Preeti101 March 08, 2018

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a really cute girl Punjabi girl from Brampton that every guy wants.
holy shit, look at Simrit. she looks like a bamb today.
by aidldlssscf March 25, 2019

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To rest
I am so tired, I'm going to take a vishram later.
by Coolpersonthinker March 31, 2017

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