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1. A word used to undermine the professionalism of one's peers. When it is used in a sentence, the sentence usually has various misspellings of other jargon found within the profession.

2. prɔfiziɔnal a word used by person who walks into (or types to) a large group of colleagues (e.g. classical singers) with the predetermined understanding that they know something more than their colleagues do. The offending person is compelled--duty-bound--to smother information on their colleagues while insulting them without apology.

3. prɔ 'fi ʒʌ nəl or possibly prɔ fi 'æ ʒʌ nəl (if you are working on Russian and feeling confused about it, it is roughly pronounced pra f̩ɨ 'ja z̩jɔ nal) a word used by a person who shows up to rehearsals knowing more than everyone else around them and being 100% certain that they are always right. Furthermore, it means they always have their argument prepared in case someone has the chutzpah to tell them that they might not be right. They also take that opportunity to outwardly compare themselves to others in order to highlight their own greatness.
1. "...studying music from a piano 'redyction' is unthinkable and sub profeasional..."

2. "As a profeasional singer, I spend the vast majority of my day scrutinizing the practice and work habits of my colleagues. This includes their unwillingness to communicate with the dead composers via a medium, it's an asinine assumption that singers should watch the conductor, and reading the notes on the page."

3. "A true profeasional singer splits her waking hours as follows: 30% towards score study, 20% towards weight-lifting to get in shape for carrying full scores, and 50% towards telling people how professional she is for studying her score so much. Too bad you keep using those sub profeasional piano redyctions and putting your time towards plebeian things like learning your music quickly and getting gigs."
by RoaringWookiee March 23, 2019

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