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the most amazing masterpiece you will ever see. it blows your mind away. potatoes are so majestic and beautiful, we are so lucky to have them be apart of our lives. never lose a potato
what would we do without potatoes? they are so fashionable and amazing. i wish i was that perfect.
by wfhfggdhsj October 10, 2017

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not one potato but multiple
i have 3 potatoes
by Potato0801 March 24, 2019

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The person who is the most gay in your group chat. They might be bi but they are still gayer then the gays. Otherwise known as Kayla.
Joel: Kayla is such The Big Gay
Jordan: Ikr
by TacoLord227 October 21, 2018

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Any Asian who likes potatoes. Cruelly they don't have to be Asian but it is preferred.
We should go to the potasian restaurant. I do love me some potatoes made by Asians.
by Yoyoyoitslunchtime July 07, 2016

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