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This is British English.
1. A "full stop" is the most common punctuation mark used at the end of a sentence and is also called a "period" in American English.
2. After a statement with a great degree of gravity, a brief pause followed by "full stop" is a pithy way of saying that the foregoing statement was without fine print or hedging of any kind, stating that it's undoubtedly true and universally applicable.
Any government that takes bribes is corrupt. Full stop.
by durette February 12, 2017

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Peeing, pooping and having a period at the same time
I am so sore, i had The Red Plopper last night.
by greentopdude February 15, 2018

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she is a smart girl with usually black hair you will often see her twerking or cussing sometimes she will get mad at u for no reason on period or not on her period but she is funny and a nice girl somethimes
omg your such a kayleon
by Mavis aludis October 16, 2017

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Short For Period But kinda in an aggressive tone
This nigga need to run me my money pid!.
by Lil Tré May 09, 2017

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The strange metal containers on the walls in women’s bathroom stalls.
Careful around that vampire box Doug, that red dye will stain your white sox shirt. Period.
by Reid Kethwic June 11, 2018

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Tom : time of month
I’m with tom
by Sweetchick15 February 18, 2018

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T-time O- of M- month. period
Kate has been so emotional she must be on her T.o.m
by Katlovesu April 22, 2017

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