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Someone who’s very stupid
-special ed
Ex. Casey is very sped
by Little Uzing Vertical July 18, 2018

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A Maread is an excellent tool in the bed when needed. Ring a bell and she comes with extreme passing and desire to please. She's likes big doodles especialy ginger doodle. She likes taking it in the poop shoot. She's very nice and easy going, her blazing orange hair will blind anyone in sight.
Ryan: "Hey bro wanna come over and use my Maread with me? "
Josh: "yea man I dibs the rear end!"
by Big Woog September 03, 2017

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People with darker skin than other. They are simply people. Fuck all of you being racist here not all of them are described the same way their just like anyone else
"Look at that person." You dont need to give a shit about their skin color or race their just people do not describe them as black people.
by DOKYEE October 29, 2017

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The plural of "person". And you should avoid them if you have something they don't.
Most people are trash.
via giphy
by Smart Toosh May 14, 2018

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retarted animals who think they are not animals even though in the taxonomic ranks, kingdom is animal. People are one of the most stupid animals on earth that destroy everything.
People should be dead or the earth would be dead
by Gayhogeveryday May 11, 2018

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A weiRd Korean girl who likes BTS
Oh look, it’s Yewon.
by Yo11yo January 23, 2018

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the people who makes everyone life bad
i'm a retard so i don't know how to put it in a sentence
by gay fagot with autsum September 25, 2017

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