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The near antonym of pansexual. Occurring when an individual has a profound dislike or hatred, and lack of sexual attraction toward anyone. But they love naps.
James: Hey there sexy, you wanna go out ;)

Jennifer: First, you have no game. Second, my only attraction is gravitated toward naps. Third, I just hate you in general.

James: Oh, so you’re a Napsexual?

Jennifer: That’s fucking stupid. Just like you. God, I’m tired.
by CawryGoneAwry November 13, 2017
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Usually a left wing humanoid with a shit hair cut, expressionless selfies, plays overwatch, loves gays but hates Milo Yiannopoulos. Very rarely spotted on Tinder. Easy to defeat.
"Oh by the way im Pansexual"

by Itscoopeinnit June 25, 2017
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