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A phrase commonly used by people who own an Empire Axe marker and would like to trade for a Luxe. They are unable to pay for the new marker in full so they always offer the Axe to trade plus the difference in cash. The Luxe owner is usually insulted and doesn't accept the deal. This phrase has become a joke/meme in the paintball community.
Jake: Hey, nice Luxe Ice! Wanna sell it to me?
Steve: Sure! How's $1k sound?
Jake: I can't afford that. How about my Axe plus cash?
Steve: Get the fuck out with that trash.
by ThatDirtyCommunist July 26, 2017

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A person who is "godly" or good at playing the "snake side position" in paintball, usually a smaller player
Have you seen that guy play snake he is a "Snake god".
by Pbagg August 22, 2017

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