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The combination of pain and agony-pagony.
After falling off the roof, Jeremiah was in extreme pagony.
by SnazzyEgg May 18, 2017

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tends to happen when you step on a lego like a blind bitch
person in pain: ow i'm in pain
other person: does it look like i give any fucks
by DILLGAF October 08, 2017

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Pretty much a prison, just more annoying
"I want to die" -Every kid that's ever gone here, assuming they even got out to tell their story...

Note: "Ashe" is often pronounced as "trash"

"School" also tends to be said as "prison" depending on dialect and social status

Either way, never say it as "Ashe County Middle School," or you'll look like a tourist (or worse, someone who

actually wants to be there)
by ACMS SUCKS November 05, 2018

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Spawn capping: when the enemy team (such as cod/battlefield) will keep on killing you in your own spawn making it hard to get out.
The enemy team keeps spawn capping me and I it’s starting to make me mad,
by The average gamer May 02, 2018

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