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What used to be an interesting concept of a site but is now just a meaningless mess where 50% is just kids who think they're cool and post random stuff, while the remaining 50% is just non-inspired anti-trump nonsense.
Joe "Do you remember the good old days of Urban Dictionary?"
Joe#2 "No."
Joe "Yeah... Me neither."
by goodiesohhi August 31, 2018

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Amazing, and wonderful, average size junk with huge balls.
Man Austin was very casbarro last night when I saw him.
by Cazzy1994 November 24, 2016

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So cute , kind but already taken because umaira is haziq punya hahahahahaha
Wow she so cute . No2 only haziq say like that to umaira
by Manoi January 02, 2017

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1) A negative okay. 2) The person is considering your response or they are considering your response in a known believing way.
David: I think I hurt his feelings. Here’s a tissue for his issues.
Amanda: Mmmm...okay.

Adam: I didn’t do it. I was at home the whole time.

Sarah: Mmmmm...okay.
by ForRealTalker February 06, 2018

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