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people who are obsessed with a mainstream person or band
yo i love brandon urie! oh stfu youre such a normie!
by MogsynMannes May 28, 2017
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A word used by delusional people thinking they're part of a usually-self-proclaimed elite group because they have different tastes to describe all others. This form of self-delusion is a social phenomenon thought to have risen out of 4chan used to describe non-channers who took their memes and made it mainstream, thus devaluing it in the "elite's" eyes and earning the "normies" their wrath and ire.

Has now evolved into a word used by any other similarly delusionally-superior groups e.g. hipsters vs normies, gamers vs normies, atheletes vs normies, intellectuals vs normies.
4channer A: The normies have taken another rare Pepe and made it mainstream!
4channer B: Yeah fuck'em!

A: Ugh look at Susan, she is doing well in life and posting all that shit on Facebook as if anyone cares.
B: Yeah girl, who cares if she's holding a normal job and has 2 children? What a normie.
by delorean99 July 10, 2017
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