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Oh look at the OOODLES of noodles
by KachowKachiger June 11, 2018

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Maggi noodles are the best noodles ever...they're the most delicious minute noodles you'll ever find. WAY WAY WAY better than ramen.
You throw away my maggi noodles, I throw you away.
by PeriwinkleBlxe November 13, 2017

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A pasta dish made of various noodles, coated in a bland sauce of unknown origin.

May or may not contain other bits of sundry vegetables, cheese or mystery meat.

Best served drizzled with a tomato coulis (ketchup/catsup/tomato sauce)

A staple in many homes it can be made from scratch, or a commercial mix. See hamburger helper
I would just love me some of that noodly shit for dinner!
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by Aqua~mom May 24, 2017

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