#no homo

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Alternative for no homo. If you don’t have your socks on... your gay. Can also be used as a question.
“Not gonna lie bro you look good.”
(Looks over)

“You got your socks on?”
“Yea don’t worry I got my socks on.”
by BigVic4151 March 16, 2019

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This phrase is rather uncommonly used. Males use this as a "no homo" kind of thing when told odd questions like "if you were gay who would you date?".

If I had to pick a dude?

Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon
Peter - If you were gay, who would you date?
Henri - If I had to pick a dude.... it would be Charles

Peter - Yo thanks man. I'd date myself too.
by Scherette May 15, 2018

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Two bros who are past normal friendship, but no homo bro
Jimmy and Josh's bromance is so cute!! They're almost like a real life couple
by Edogcrazy November 29, 2017

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A homiesexual is someone who's in a romantic relationship with his guy friend but it's not gay. This type of sexual relationship can be referred to "friends with benefits" or a bromance. It differs from homosexaulity because at the end of the "sexy time" you say "No homo" so its not gay.
Friend: *busts a nut inside another friend* Other Friend: No homo right? Friend:No homo. Another Ex: "I want to eat you out, no homo". Homiesexuality is now a thing.
by KaidraTheDragon May 26, 2018

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A very arousing non bianary attack toaster
Nick porretto fucked 17 bitches at one time
by Hotdogmaster6969 June 14, 2018

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you use no homo when something is controversial. If you say something obviously gay such as "I wanna suck his dick" and say no homo, you still gay
guy 1: "yo that guy over there pretty good looking , no homo tho."
guy 2: "ya u good, id suck his dick, no homo tho"
guy 1 "na nigga u gay*
by Eatmypinesicles May 19, 2018

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No homo no homo no homo no homo no homo
You're gay Nedvelt , no homo
via giphy
by Shssjzhsi September 23, 2017

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