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JelloMelts and FinalConvict
Yo! Did you not see him?

You're a gumpy nigger!
by JelloMelts FinalConvict May 15, 2017

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Someone who is very funny and usually likes to prank call or do so/related things usually is tall and hot and is VERY good at sports. He is usually fun to hang around with and is attractive due to his skillful beat making skills
Man I love belmin

Have you ever heard that diss? It sounded BELMIN NIGGA AY AT AY GIT GIT AY GRAA BABY
by Ninja101 look kid July 02, 2017

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An illusion where you think that you and everyone around you are black people
Person 1: yo dude I just had a niglusion

Person 2: wow , what was it like ?
by Sausagemomma73 July 11, 2017

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When your so called niggas open a door and get shot by the rival gang
Watch out jermone it’s s blitz nig!
by Spank slapper March 10, 2018

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Phrase said when something weird goes on
*Girl:Damn I'm hella thirsty right now* Looks over, "Is this a fake video?"
by AUGHHUDB January 16, 2018

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