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Superior race.
I did nazi that coming.
by nignog10365 September 15, 2018

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Olaf is a snowy fuck boy that wants to melt his creamy surprise in your anus and he is a nazi.
Fuck me olaf
by I_drive_a_van August 31, 2016

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Biggest master of gay
Homophobe: You are such a supermn
by GrandRomanReich May 18, 2018

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A dumb nazi saying stuff
Germans: seig heil
David Ducke: Zekiel to hifter
by greyideas get edgy January 21, 2019

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An anti semitic person.
Jew: Jared is such a lamss
Jared: Nah, I'm not a neo nazi
by darknessprevails August 08, 2018

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A German kid who does not have friends. Gets roasted for everything he says and is called a nazi.
That dude standing next to hitler and pitor is such a klause.
by Meme42069 April 20, 2017

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