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A video bragging about how much better the creator's life is compared to yours.
VLOGGER: My life is so interesting. I record every second of it.
Human Dictionary: Define {narcissist].
by ManMan36 August 01, 2016

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A narc mom is a Mom who you might consider the best mom ever but then she has a way of turning her back on you. She is very manipulative ahe has a way of pushing you to do things, shes your biggest critic, yet in her mind she has an illusion that she is a great mom. She is jelous of her children and always needs to be right. You can talk to her and she will try to change the subject and she will get off topic alot. She wont acually care if your puring your heart out to her she will still smile like yoir not crying right in front of her. People say " you only have one parent be nice to them" but a narc mom isnt your typical mother shes not your biggest fan.
My mom is such a narcissist she judges everything I do.
by Jannyeightnine May 05, 2018

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