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To announce the ending of an event incorrectly, before it happens.
I like how the news Jamzeed Hillary into the White House before the votes were counted.
by aphid2 November 30, 2016

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A less offensive variation of the more common word "mindfuck," this Germanic sounding prose is often used to describe a problem or situation of high complexity that creates confusion.
I attempted to assemble the machine, but it's quite the nogginshag.
by Pseudonym 928 June 26, 2018

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to manipulate ,confound or to "mindfuck" someone.
I'm not going to cripple Jake ,I'm gonna brain hurt his ass.
by Lumpy T October 23, 2017

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A psychological oxymoron
Racism is a Mind Fuck
by TheWon(one) July 15, 2017

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When someone fucks- or screws with-your mind. This is usually done to either make you feel like shit or to blow your mind. It is easier to mindfuck the person-if you’re attempting to make them feel like shit- if you know deep info about them that you can utilize to your advantage.

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