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He loves dogs, and loves to workout , loves his hair , and loves to grow it out, seems like a guy who would wear vans, is literally the definition of counter culture
He's cool he's a miles
A cool guy who does not follow the crowd
by Miles Moore December 23, 2016

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The cutest guy in the world. His long hair tangled but still beautiful. Is really funny and can always make a laugh. He has an amazing voice and is great at acting. He's also the love of my life.
Man that Miles, he's Just a Bill!
by SchoolhouseRockLive!FranklBall January 11, 2019

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A joke that doesn’t bang.

Usually told by people called Miles.
Miles: Tells a joke

Anyone he ever talks to: “Miles, that was a dead joke.”
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by Fallis February 27, 2019

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He’s a virgin but not for long. Talented in certain ways lacks in others. Miles the Man. He knows way too much about history and not enough about the ladies, but don’t get me wrong, the ladies adore him. He just hasn’t learned how to harness his power yet.
Dudeee, Miles! What’s up?!

Lady 1: That guitarist is sooo sexy, what’s his name??
Lady 2: That’s Miles
by Drunvalosson June 15, 2018

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A large boy that gorges on canteen food and is bad at fortnite.

Also the measurement of distance used mainly in the United States.
Guy 1: Where's MIles?
Guy 2: Probably at the canteen.
by Your mum maximum gay May 14, 2018

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When somone eats too much and still begs for food
He must be having a laugh he doing the burgess
by Obligatoryname November 22, 2018

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