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Melissa, a very powerful women.Makes other women look dull and lifeless. When You fall in love with Melissa it's over. beautiful inside and out. But does not think so herself. Short. Gorgeous hair and eyes. Wants to be treated like a princess. Usually popular.Incredibly attractive and sexy.Has crazy goals and dreams but won't let anyone get in her way ! Very independent.Extremely intelligent, athletic, strong and confident insecure best sense of humor says the funniest and most smartest things.Melissa is very blunt and will tell the truth no matter what. Has a humongous heart. Loyal till the end, will give you her life, Has trust problems , horrible temper and anger problems. Very psychotic. Don't mess with Melissa.But is very easy to talk to and incredibly sweet.Fearless will do what she wants no one can stop her.Will accomplish anything she puts her mind to.Has been through the absolute worst. Does not hate anyone no matter what.Will still see the absolute best in the worst people. Cares about others lives more than hers. Melissa ( Honey-bee ) is named after a goddess princess.
"Who dat b ? Melissa"
"Melissa's gonna be famous one day"
"Uh oh I didn't text melissa back..... omg my house is on fire !!!"

"Everyone wants to fw with melissa "

"Melissa is a queen"
by pinkcodiene March 18, 2017

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