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This female inherited disease is one from birth and is a form of epilepsy. It's onset is during childhood and is defined by intractable seizures. In adulthood, it progresses to extreme sexiness and good looks. The females whom suffer from this are excellent cuddle buddies, make the greatest KD Mac n Cheese, and are well known for their moves between the sheets. In adults, a trigger for seizure like activity can be extreme humour. Their seizures can also be mistaken for a full tonic-clonic or grand mal with uncontrolled laughter. Girls with this are definitely keepers.
"I need to find a girl named taylor whom has cortical dysplasia, I've always dreamed of being with a unicorn"

"I'm really hungry. I wish that taylor girl with cortical dysplasia could make me some KD Mac n Cheese"

"I wish I could be a better person and have cortical dysplasia"
by j_rock123 February 20, 2017

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1) Someone who didn't want to be a primary care doctor but found out a little too late they weren't cut out to specialize in anything, not even Family Medicine, and now complains to anyone naive enough to listen about every single patient admission like the world is ending.
2) Someone with such an inferiority complex, she or he feels the constant need to demonstrate his or her knowledge by reciting arcane questions at medical students and residents about things read on UpToDate that same morning just prior to the endless ritual known as rounds.
"So I called the hospitalist to admit my chest pain patient who required CPR and defibrillation in the field, but the hospitalist wants me to discharge her home now because her HEART score is only 3 and she has a pulse."
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by music2doc April 29, 2019

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Luxembourgian for the word help.
I need some meefe over here.
by DaPrinceoMeefes April 21, 2018

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