#man whore

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Altay; someone who likes to have rough sex on a daily bases and loves to suck dick in his free time.
Oh! Look there's an Altay!
Is he pulling an Altay?
by smdsmdsmd June 10, 2017

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A close guy friend who a male version of a bimbo. Buys so much materialistic shit to try to make girls pussy's wet.
"Yo, did you see Michael's new car?"
"Yeah dude, he's such a bimbro... He's trying to impress the girl from the club last night."
by UrbanDKing March 07, 2017

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Someone who both needs tons of pussy and gets tons of pussy.
James Franco is such a pussy-scrounger
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by the scrounger August 25, 2016

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A male whore; a man who tricks woman and cheats
Don't trust him, he's a tricker
by Kumer34 July 04, 2018

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Someone who has a crush on the thickest girl in the school and would clap the biggest, baddest cheeks. On the other hand, they have no chance of getting those cheeks.
“Kyle is such a slut-lover. Everyday all he does is go up to Addison and ask for coochie...”
by sexington on twitter June 30, 2019

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Sam is an unloving, mean, man whore. He can be nice sometimes but most of the time he is a complete asshole. He only has a couple friends and is very selfish, that is why no one likes him.
Person 1: ugh sam can be such a man whore sometimes!

Person 2: omg i know right!!
by sela_klein June 28, 2019

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Man whore is a funny made up word that is used to piss off your friends that are boys!
Jayce is such a man whore! Angel O. Is a man whore too! Brittney isn't a man but she's a whore!
by Brittney aka best man whore August 28, 2017

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