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The size of Donald Trump's hands.
It's gonna be yuge.
by NotDestry February 13, 2017

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Angry white men confused about the big difficult world around them, customarily, of low intellect. This form of Elitists are bold in their idiocy, and straw-hat deep in denial, and can be seen in their natural habitat making America great again with fuzzy logic and catchphrases.
The Idiot-Elite are still trying to bring back Christmas. You would think with all that secret deep-state email hunting, they just wouldn't have the time.
by Riffled Folios October 16, 2018

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Keep America Great Again

An acronym created by Russian trolls, as seen in the comment section of certain websites that use the DISQUS comment system.
"They're Mexicans: they've been doing that since before Maria. Granted, if sanity sewer got into storm sewer, it's more dangerous now. But then again: they're Mexicans; they don't even have sewer systems. KAGA"
by ItsHairTime October 03, 2017

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Make America Great Again
America was once the light on the hill, the light has become dim. it's time to make America Great again MAGA
by GAB/POPS June 14, 2018

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Make America Great Again
Trump MAGA
by SamuelShix March 13, 2018

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MAGA " Make America Great Again ." The slogan Donald Trump used for his candidacy in the 2016 Election.
"Let's MAGA"
via giphy
by testo77 December 21, 2017

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